I feel beautiful things in my mind and my soul. Experiences that have changed my life and my perspective on it. I'm a mom to a baby boy named Royce aka the love of my life. Spiritually stable. Lost in reality. Where other people see ugly, i see a blank canvas for a mass amount of possibilities.I laugh at myself but i laugh at everyone else too. For every dark road I've traveled somehow I look ahead for the light and I seem to find it. The beach literally brings me happiness, it's like an escape from reality, the salty water hitting your face and the sand between your cheeks brings me such relaxation. I have nothing under control, I'm still trying to get it together. Bare with me.




“Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”

“Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.”

Don’t think about it too much

…it will kill you.


when you hear your mom coming home and remember all the chores you were supposed to do image